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existing experiments no longer load

dspolarich 05-15-17

existing experiments no longer load

I set up and successfully ran several tests through Optimizely over a year ago. The last test ended about 6 months ago, and I haven't logged in to Optimizely since then. 


Using the same account and credentials, I am now trying to set up a new experiment in Optimizely, but the editor will not load any of my website URLs. Additionally, I can not load any of the existing experiments that I created last year. The message I receive every time is: "Sorry, but we were unable to load"


Have there been any major upgrades or changes to Optimizely? My website code and our implementation of the Optimizely javascript has not changed much since our last tests. I've already tried the "load unsafe scripts" hack, so any suggestions would be appreciated. 



JasonDahlin 05-15-17

Re: existing experiments no longer load

Looks like your URL

is doing a redirect to https:

Try changing the URL in your editor.


If that still fails, the easiest route is to install the Desktop Application which does not have the same "unable to load site" issues.

--Jason Dahlin
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