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iPad Portrait Orientation

bahamagician 01-27-16

iPad Portrait Orientation

Is it possible to change the orientation of the tablet view to portrait in the visual editor?  


I have a specific version of the website that shows just for portrait view in tablets.  I'd like to be able to see that in the editor.

Re: iPad Portrait Orientation

Hi bahamagician,


Unfortunately we don't provide that option at the moment, and do not have any plans to add it. Does using the mobile view instead help you, as that might be showing the view you need?





robertchan 01-28-16

Re: iPad Portrait Orientation

For a situation like this, I would recommend building the main points of change you're looking to make locally then inputting the changes into console on Chrome. Once all that's set, you can input what you created on local to the variation code, force the variation(s), and set the setting to tablet for viewing.

Robert Chan

Experimentation Hero