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large script size

adamba 02-23-17

large script size

I've run/am running a bunch of optimizely experiments and it looks like my script is massive. Not sure how it got this big. 650kb!


How do I shrink this. Most of my current experiments are page redirects. Whereas past experiments would have involved more direct edits.


Are there things that I can just start to delete so speed this up? Really have no idea why it's this size.


Thanks in advance for any help

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JasonDahlin 02-23-17

Re: large script size

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650 MB is huge!


To trim it down...

1- archive completed experiments when you no longer need to see the results

2- if not already using, switch to a trimmed vesion of jQuery (if you can)

3- check your network console and verify your server is requesting the compressed file (Request Headers - should contain a line similar to:

Accept-Encodinggzip, deflate, br



BTW - when I request that file, it is only 69.3 KB.

--Jason Dahlin
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RyanC 02-24-17

Re: large script size

As Jason mentioned, important to use the Jquery Trimmed version if you don't need specific jQuery components and archive any unused experiments, note that pausing is not enough. Also have a look at your Project's javascript if there is any redundant code.
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