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dumy 01-06-16



I have just started using this plugin. Currently I am testing a site on my localhost. I have setup Optimizely account and used the API on the site. Now, What's the next step?


Thanks in advance

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JDahlinANF 01-06-16

Re: localhost

Once you add your snippet to your pages, you set up an experiment!


To get the basic feel for it:

1- Create a new experiment


2- Set the URL targeting to be "simple match" for your site's localhost homepage


3- Use the UI to create "Variation 2" and have it make an edit to your homepage (change the title to "DUMY was here, yo!" or similar)


4- Save your experiment and start it.


Allow 2 minutes for your changes to save to the CDN.


5- Go to your homepage


If you do not see your change, delete your cookies and refresh the page.  Since your experiment is running at 50-50 by default, it should only take 1-3 tries for you to see the experiment's effects.


If you are not seeing the changes after a few tries, type this in your console and let us know what it says: