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pay as you go support

jpfotoz 12-17-15

pay as you go support

Suggestion for Optimizely Support to have a "Pay as  you go" - for support issues that are more complex and require some custom coding that is not created by the UI.


Establish a prepaid "credit' system" in which credits do not expire.

  • These credits can be used when the basic support is not enough.  
  • The complexity of the requests would determind how may credits are used for the lenght of the support project / specific request.
  • It may require a number of phone calls with the customer to determine if the support task has been successful and has met the scopt of the request. These calls would not incure additional credits.
  • Credits can be purchased / refreshed as needed.
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Holger_Tamm 12-18-15

Re: pay as you go support

Hi jpfotoz,
Thanks for the suggestion.

As you might know, PayGo is an experimental offering for US customers at this time. We plan to revamp and roll the program out globally in 2016 and I will make sure your suggestions gets reviewed in that context.

My initial reaction is that customer coding often is a domain where our partner network can help significantly.

I am also curious to see whether other customers would be interested in that type of service offering. It will require significant effort to establish such a model and from a system and resource perspective that I would appreciate if you can encourage your network to provide their thoughts on this thread.

Thanks again and happy holidays,
Holger Tamm
Optimizely Head of Global Technical Support