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"Per visit" vs. "Per visitor"

patng 06-21-16

"Per visit" vs. "Per visitor"

I am going to make a UI change on the homepage, and I want to test its impact on the number of clicks for a specific link per homepage visit.   What I mean is that, if the same user visit the homepage 10 times, and click on that link 5 times (out of 10), then I treat the click rate as 50%.  However, AFAIK, Optimizely does all its calculation on Improvement and Statistical Significance based on "per visitor" conversion, instead of "per visit" conversion.


Is there any way to set a "per visit" goal in Optimizely?  And why does Optimizely focus only on "per visitor" goals?


- Patrick

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DavidS 06-21-16

Re: "Per visit" vs. "Per visitor"

Hi patng,


Thanks for reaching out to Optimizely!

On your Results page, you'll be able to switch between Uniques and Totals for each goal that you are tracking. You can find that setting next to the Show/Hide Chart button on the right-hand side of each of your goals. 


This should give you the total numbers of conversions as well as the conversions per visitor. Do you think that this metric conversions per visitor matches what the metric you are looking to obtain?


I hope that is helpful. 




patng 06-22-16

Re: "Per visit" vs. "Per visitor"

Hi @DavidS,


Thanks for your reply.  However, the Total metric won't work, as it gives me "Conversion per visitor", and the significance is also calculated based on that.  What I am looking for is "Conversion per visit".


I think an example can illustrate.


Suppose we have 2 users and each user visits a webpage 5 times (so total = 2x5=10); and out of the 5 visits, each user clicks on the link-of-interest 2 times.


This is what Optimizely currently report:

  • Unique Conversion=2; Visitor=2; Total Conversion=2x2=4; Conversion per Visitor=4/2=2

What we're looking for is:

  • Total Visit = 10, Total Conversion = 4, Conversion per Visit = 4/10 = 0.4

I understand there is a way to workout the numbers we want from two goals in Optimizely (use pageview goal for the landing page to get total visit, and use a click goal to get the total clicks on the link-of-interest).  However, still there is no significance generated by Optimizely to show us when we can stop the experiment.


And that triggers me to ask the 2nd question, which is why Optimizely only provides per-visitor metric, but not per-visit metric.


- Patrick

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