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"Sorry, but we were unable to load" in Editor

SThomas 01-09-17
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"Sorry, but we were unable to load" in Editor

I've taken on Optimizely responsibilities from a previous staff member. I've tried to open an existing experiment in Editor and it comes up with the "Sorry, but we were unable to load" message. The snippet has been implemented in the <head> (I have also implemented it in GTM but still can't view in Editor). The diagnostic report says "Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match" (URL targeting is a simple match). The page in question loads just fine externally and when I check in the Google console there are no error messages for Optimizely. If I can't load in editor I'm stuck. Any help would be amazing! Happy to provide extra info.

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RyanC 01-09-17

Re: "Sorry, but we were unable to load" in Editor

In your case I usually create an A/A test to make sure Optimizely is setup correctly. Steps I take are:

1. Make sure the snippet that is under Settings menu matches to what is live on your page.
2. Use an extension such as Ghostery to make sure Optimizely is running on the page.
3. Create a simple Experiment and leave all defaults.
4. Click on 'Edit code' and type in:
Console.log('Hi, it's Optimizely');
5. Start Experiment and preview your website in a browser with the console open.

Let us know how it goes.
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robertchan 01-09-17

Re: "Sorry, but we were unable to load" in Editor

I think @RyanC made great suggestions. I'd also add to try setting up your experiment in different browsers. Google Chrome has definitely worked the best for me while Firefox has created a number of issues for me in the past.
Robert Chan

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