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"Visitor is returned" + "New Visitor" doesn't match "All visitor" in result pages

Tammy 01-13-15

"Visitor is returned" + "New Visitor" doesn't match "All visitor" in result pages



I just started using and learning Optimizely very recently.  I am totally new.   :-)

Sorry if I ask you something weird from now!


The thing I would like to know is the detailed condition and specification for capturing "All Visitor", "Visitor is returned" and "New Visitor" for Optimizely.

I know Optimizely is using 10 years Cookie for figure out unique user - but I would like to know more detailed infomation especially about how you guys separate "Visitor is returned" and "New User".


The reason why I'm asking this is because I found ["Visitor is returned" + "New Visitor"]  doesn't match "All visitor" in my test result



For instance, according my test, I took a look at the count after filtering each visitor type.


All visitor : 3,720

Visitor is returned : 2,799

New visitor : 1,102


I am simply wondering maybe there is the duplicatied count or missing count between new visitor and returned visitor.... but it's just a wondering, I would like to make this clear.

If you have any specification document to help me to understand how you guys specify each visitor type, it'll be deeply appreciated.


Thank you,






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Brian_Abad 01-13-15

Re: "Visitor is returned" + "New Visitor" doesn't match "All visitor"

Hey @Tammy ,


Welcome to Optimizely and the Optiverse Community! Really glad to have you on board for all your testing needs!


When a user first lands on your domain with the Optimizely snippet on the page, we drop a cookie onto their browser that holds a unique user ID. If the user does NOT have this user ID value when they initially land on your page, they are counted as a new visitor. If they land on your page and HAVE the user ID, they are counted as a returning visitor.


When interpreting results, a user may be counted as both a new and a returning visitor. For instance, if when entering your experiment, it is the first time they land on a page with your Project's Optimizely snippet, they will be counted as a new visitor. If this same user returns, they will be counted as a returning visitor. However, within the Results page for your experiment they will only count as 1 unique visitor. Filtering for both new and returning visitors will return a value of 1 for both filters, but the overall unique visitor count is still at 1. So the sum of the 2 filters should not equal the overall unique visitor count.


The key here is that they do not need to have been bucketed into the experiment, but rather have landed on a page that contains your project's Optimizely snippet. So if you have the snippet on and but the experiment is only running on -- a user can land on, receive the user ID value, exit their browser, then come back to where your experiment is running, and they will be counted as a return visitor.


More on new and returning visitors can be found in our knowledge base article here:

Brian Abad
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Tammy 01-14-15

Re: "Visitor is returned" + "New Visitor" doesn't match "All visitor"

Thank you @Brian_Abad!


That is exactlly what I wanted to know!

Thank you for helping me!



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