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split pricing on entire magento catalog?

cmercer 06-01-16

split pricing on entire magento catalog?

Hi there - I have a situation where my ecommerce site exists mainly to capture leads, where customers can order free samples, at this point a sales rep will follow up and move them toward a purchase. 


My dream would be able to split test free samples vs. 99c samples across my entire "samples" product category. Is there a way to do this without duplicating all of my product skus into "free" and "paid" and creating an experiment for every product?

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AllisonR 06-02-16

Re: split pricing on entire magento catalog?

You should be able to accomplish this using one experiment targeted to all pages in the "samples" category. Since the Editor acts as a template, and the URL targeting settings determine where the experiment will run, you could load one "samples" page in the Editor to set up the experiment and then target the experiment to the entire samples cateogry.


You can do this, for example, using a subsring match on a part of the URL path (i.e. /samples) or a regex match to capture all the relevant pages. More information about the different URL match types is here

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