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unable to load page

Romen 10-10-16

unable to load page

Hi, I'm trying to set up an experiment, it's always worked fine before in the past, but now I get an error saying it is unable to load the web page. The only feedback it gives is to ensure that the code snippet is on the page, which I have verified that it is. Other than that I don't know what else to do. It has worked just fine in the past and nothing has changed on the web page. What could be causing this?
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CouchPsycho 10-10-16

Re: unable to load page


enable mixed content to allow unsecured pages to load into the Editor (in chrome you see a shield in the url input if something is blocked). If that does not help install the Optimizely Chrome Extension to allow pages that refuse to load in iframes to load into the editor's iframe. Find the extension here:

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