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variation still be visible

selene-et-gaia 02-22-16

variation still be visible



I've a probleme with a test :

i have made 2 variation and for more than two months, i choose the first so she have 100% trafic and the second 0%.

But some customer still view the second variation??? and i don't know why?

can you help me;


many thanks


robertchan 02-22-16

Re: variation still be visible

Hi Ségolène,

There are a few reasons why this might have happened. The first that comes to mind is that you or someone in your office on the same IP address may have been bucketed into the experiment if you haven't filtered your IP out, or that when initially preview, you didn't set your test cookie properly. Another issue might be that you're currently previewing the experiment as a forced variation. Finally, another issue might be that you changed the traffic allocation while the experiment was running.
Robert Chan

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Re: variation still be visible

Hi Ségolène!

If your client views from a different browser, are they still seeing the second variation?

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