Pauline 08-26-15
San Francisco User Group #5 (8/25/15): Slides, highlights and presenter info
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Hi Everyone, 


Thank you to everyone who made it last night. It was one of the most engaged groups we've had so far! 


Here is what happened / What you missed:


  1. Shana Rusonis gave us an overview of the optimization benchmark takeaways.
  2. Christopher Seaman told us about the 5 core values at Atlassian and how they define their testing culture. 
  3. Mari Ju and John Oppenheimer from Autodesk shared their one year journey from no A/B testing to a strong optimization culture.



  • Contact me if you want to be part of our next breakfast workshop on September 22
  • Personalization Holiday bash will be our next user group on November 10

And once again, feel free to send me any comments, ideas, feedbacks and suggestions!





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